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8th May 2004

4:34pm: check it out
okay nvm don't. i can't seem to do it right now.. i'll add the link later.
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17th April 2004

8:54am: AHAHAHAHAHA! i was reading something on a board..and this girl asked how to tell someone she likes him or something like that.. and this one girl posted:

Step 1: Place your two feet on the ground, firmly.
Step 2: Place one foot after the other.
Step 3: Keep walking, one foot in front of the other.
Step 4: After arriving in front of him, via step 3.
Step 5: Open your mouth.
Step 6: Move your lips and tongue and voice box, to form words and sentences.
Step 7: By moving your lips, tongue and voice box to form sentences and words, ask him this "W O U L D Y O U L I K E T O G O O U T W I T H M E?"

haha. that cracked me up. that is my highlight of the day..at least for right now. yeah okay. well.. peace
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